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Bitrix is a software tailored for companies that need to improve their workflow and keep track of everything.

You can use it as project management, client management or team collaboration tool depending on your needs – you no longer have to switch between apps but do all the work in one place!

It is designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness, leading the way for increased growth and profitability while also making it easier to monitor each project’s progress in an easy-to-understand manner.

We Provide Value

How VAIVAL Leverages Bitrix24 to Bring Value

For Managers

Bitrix24 is a web-based service that provides managers with the ability to work collaboratively and brainstorm solutions. Our Bitrix24 implementation ensures your productivity stays top-notch all the time.

For Employees

VAIVAL helps you leverage Bitrix24’s potential to make your business lean, agile, productive and enjoyable. With Bitrix24’s integrated systems you can enjoy a profoundly positive experience with reduced workloads.

More Than 35+ Tools!

We can help you can manage your entire business with Bitrix24’s suite. With 35+ tools, it offers an array of resources designed to help professionals stay connected & collaborate with ease from anywhere at any moment.

VAIVAL helps With 360° Integration of Bitrix24 For Your Organization

HR Management

If you are looking for a free HRMS, consider Bitrix24. This site offers all the key features in an easy-to-use interface that your staff will love to use!

If you need something with source code access, it offers fully customizable self hosted versions as well.

Tracking Clients

The Bitrix24 CRM is an innovative platform that offers a way to organize and track your interactions with clients, partners, agents or other contacts.

With the contact base created by the CRM you can easily record any interactions as well as plan for future ones through integrated tasks. The self-hosted version of this software gives users access to source code if they want it too!


For a business that needs to be able to call any number at anytime, Bitrix24 has you covered. International calls are just as easy as domestic ones thanks for the integrated telephony feature within your portal!

No equipment is needed; just a stable internet connection will do.


Bitrix24 provides you with the ability to customize your intranet in a number of ways, such as changing  layouts and color schemes. It features AJAX / Active-X support,  an adaptive interface with flexible settings with drag-and-drop components.

The product is provided with full source code and open API that can be changed whenever necessary.

Still Not Sure What Our Bitrix24 Implementation offers?

We offer seamless transition of your company’s current infrastructure to Bitrix24. A collaboration software with complete tools for management, collaboration, and communication, it offers several features, including the following:


Tasks and Projects Planning

HR management

Sales Team Management

Social Enterprise Network

Document Management

Calendar & Planning

File Sharing

Chat & Telephony


Customer Relationship Management

VAIVAL’s mission is to provide a unified platform for your company management via Bitrix24. Matching the capabilities of modern CRMs and advanced document-sharing tools, Bitrix24 offers everything you need in one place – from teamwork solutions and project workflows to legal agreements with partners or employees. And with VAIVAL helping you through the journey, you can expect a smooth experience.

Video Calls
Instant Messages (IM)
Tasks & Projects
File Sharing
Social Intranet

VAIVAL—and Bitrix— Give You The Freedom To Grow

We provide a cloud-hosted collaboration and communication platform with an on-premise solution with Bitrix24.

With Bitrix24 you can add unlimited users, online storage, and other essential features such as the Bitrix app marketplace for creating your own apps or using existing systems. For more scalability there are premium plans that can be accessed through their cloud hosted software solutions.

There’s also offline data control available if you’d rather have complete access of all your files by hosting them yourself!


In just two minutes, you can set up your free Bitrix24 account and start using this awesome service. The best part? You get to try it for 30 days before upgrading!