Blockchain technology is evolving at an incredible rate, affecting the operational efficiency of every industry in the world. Even the most traditional sectors are realising the potential of crypto and adjusting their infrastructures to maximise these benefits.


Vaival’s Blockchain Services include:

Reductions in data storage cost and time expended
No more data duplication, manipulation and theft
Increased automation
Trustless smart contracts preventing human and machine error
Enhanced data security

Vaival’s Blockchain Services include:

Smart contract software and accompanying audits
Private blockchain (internal use) creation and management
Supply chain blockchain cultivation
Ethereum platform-based application development
Full transactional transparency


Crypto and blockchain technology has changed how our world operates. Transparent digital transactions are the new reality, opening personal and business financing to an unprecedented degree. Crypto and blockchain technology has changed how our world operates. Transparent digital transactions are the new reality, opening personal and business financing to an unprecedented degree. The benefits are incredible.

owever, significant technological understanding and hardware is needed to conceptualise, create and cultivate apps, cryptocurrencies and partnered wallets, private blockchain systems, and more advanced decentralised platforms.

Vaival’s dedicated outsourcing and development services are the solution to realising your crypto ambitions. Our wide range of crypto services are entirely customisable to fit your individual needs, so you can launch your new business or enhance current operations.

The future of crypto is beyond bright. Immerse your business in that brightness with Vaival.

Just get in touch with your concept – our dedicated developers will be delighted to review your proposal closely with you, then suggest possible paths to achieving and exceeding your business’ crypto plans.


At Vaival, our blockchain development services are developing in time with blockchain’s rapid development. Our core competencies include:

ICO Development & Launch

An Initial Coin Offering sees a company launches its cryptocurrency, often providing outsized returns and benefits for early adopters. It is the newest and most important way to raise funds. Think of them as IPOs for the digital age. ICOs generated over $4 billion in 2017 and figures are only forecast to grow.


Services include:

Concept review and analysis
Whitepaper creation and enhancement
ICO site creation + hosting and token distribution
Security system audit
Full ERC20 + ERC223 compatibility

Custom Blockchain Apps

Vaival developers channel years of dedicated blockchain application understanding into providing your business with a unique, powerful, secure and visually impressive app that will benefit you instantly with enhanced engagement and UX excellence.


Services include:

Concept review and analysis
App design, production, testing
Post-launch management
UX optimisation
Full transactional transparency

Smart Contracts

Establish the credibility of your crypto application with proper integration of respected smart contract technology. These powerful systems enable automated validation of any form of agreement between parties. Our developers offer stringently tested smart contract structures that are endlessly customisable to meet your requirements.


Services include:

Concept review and analysis
Smart contract structure review
Creation and audit
Post-launch management and improvements

Cryptocurrency Development

It has never been simpler to create your own cryptocurrency than with our outsourcing services.

Most cryptocurrencies mirror the Bitcoin source code that started it all. However, Ethereum’s blockchain offers new levels in creativity. It is the most popular format for up-and-coming innovations that require a dedicated blockchain, and the one Vaival often operates on.

We can either provide efficient cryptotoken establishment upon Ethereum and other leading blockchain formats, or create a bespoke dedicated blockchain for your cryptocurrency.


Services include:

Currency review and analysis
In-depth blockchain determination
Initial testing
Inter-currency compatibility
Post-launch monitoring and upgrade

Cryptocurrency Development

For a cryptocurrency to function, it will require a wallet for safe transfer and storage. Our esteemed developers bring to the table established designs that are 100% customisable to quickly legitimise your currency for global trading.

We can also create entirely new concepts specific to your unique currency functionality.


Services include:

Currency review and feature assessment
Wallet creation for all platforms (iOS, Android, Desktop)
Public and private key management
Multi-currency integration
Post-launch safety audits
Updates and performance enhancement

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Create a custom exchange system to enable your cryptocurrency users to deal with the utmost safety and security. Remove risk of fraud and support the growing global digital transaction economy with Vaival’s industry-leading technologies and proven infrastructures.


Services include:

Exchange design, monitoring and tracking system setup
Decentralisation protocols to ensure system security
Smart contract integration
Full cryptocurrency and wallet integration
Multi-currency integration
Post-establishment management and update procedures

Private Blockchain Creation

Our developers have provided clients worldwide with the means to improve their infrastructures via private blockchain creation. No matter your sector, a private blockchain with Vaival will reduce operational costs, improve internal communications, and establish the fastest possible digital framework.

Private blockchains are even faster and cheaper to run than their public counterparts, with enhanced data sharing capability, full customisation, and of course privacy.


Services include:

Exchange design, monitoring and tracking system setup
Decentralisation protocols to ensure system security
Smart contract integration
Full cryptocurrency and wallet integration
Multi-currency integration
Post-establishment management and update procedures

Social Trading Website in Crypto Currency

The latest decentralised applications offer their own internal economies in which users can generate and trade in their chosen cryptocurrency. This may involve gaming or another specific niche. Whether you wish to establish a trading platform alone or integrate your own cryptocurrency, our developers work closely with you to process and translate your needs into a vibrant social trading platform.


Services include:

Concept review and analysis
Platform design, creation and enhancement
Full IOS and Android app compatibility
Synchronisation with trading platforms (Bitfinnex, Bitstamp, Binanc etc.)
Post-launch optimisation

24/7 Crypto Support

Ensure your customers are never lost for an answer by establishing 24/7 help systems using email, web form, or telephone format.

Liaison with suppliers and contractors
Ledger creation and cultivation
Team training


Vaival understands and appreciates blockchain inner workings and apply this to every cryptocurrency that we develop. This is how we provide a global list of satisfied clients with error-free, potent cryptocurrencies that make an impact on the worldwide digital exchange. Our services include:

Transaction Keys

The safe function of your crypto wallet depends on secure transaction key establishment. Our models have undergone rigorous testing for worldwide application. Rely on Vaival to provide you with private transaction key models for your users to confidently send, receive and store funds.

Software Development

Our experienced developers can transform your wallet for desktop or mobile use, as well as provide a honed UX experience that will ensure user satisfaction. Transact over all desired communications channels with optimised mining speeds.

Crypto Mining

Every blockchain requires a mining populous – Vaival works closely with the Ethereum blockchain due to its leading creative potential. This appeal to businesses of all sizes looking to do something new and exciting in the world of crypto.


Vaival is proud to provide one of the leading outsourcing solutions. We bring together independent talents from across the world with experts in every sector you require.

Working with us is faster and cheaper than traditional means yet our powerful development squad ensures that the quality of our work is up there with the world’s best.

The process to outsourcing success with Vaival is simple and goes like this:


1. Chat with our team

We evaluate your proposal and discuss in depth to assess the best way to success with Vaival.

2. Collaborate closely

We then work closely in communication with you throughout the project to ensure that we provide the most appropriate specialists to your team and that we achieve each of your goals. You are in total control to change up your Vaival team as the project grows and evolves, as well as add your own specialists.

3. Project Perfection

With the first iteration of the project complete, we conduct an attentive review period in which we make as many changes and adaptations as is needed to secure the perfect result for you.

Why Select Vaival?

You have a lot of choice when it comes to outsourcing – Vaival brings an experienced team with decades of collective experience in blockchain development to your side. We combine technological know-how with industry intuition and a thorough work ethic to provide the best result.

Please see our portfolio for a detailed foray into our suitability for your needs and we look forward to bringing your crypto project to life.

Process Automation

We are fluent in automation and thrive off the exciting potential it provides. Blockchain is the latest step in automation, enabling countless on- and offline transactional innovation. We are at the forefront, pushing the boundaries while adhering to the strictest functionality standards.


We care deeply about the honesty that blockchain provides. Every one of our innovations maintains the clarity and trustless state of crypto technology. Trustless, which may not sound encouraging upon first hearing, means that trust is not required as it is literally impossible to trick the systems in place. The result is 100% transparent services that keep clients safe and satisfied.


We budget considerably to attend to the needs and capabilities of your business. Every penny you invest is channelled by us into creating excellence for you. One result of this excellence is money saved, both in our production process and in the years of improved operations you will enjoy as a result of our collaboration.


We are here around the clock to satisfy your needs. If you have any issues throughout the process, as well as in the post-completion phase, we are always delighted to provide assistance. Our global positioning ensures that we are available 24/7 to direct our attention to you and do so in the fastest manner.

Technical Experts

We pride ourselves at Vaival on the proficiency of our developers – this has always been the case and for blockchain services is no different.

Our team of 15 blockchain developers and 50+ web & mobile developers is always adding to the list of our mastered softwares and procedures. With an always-learning attitude, we stay humble and continue to excel in our technical provision.

We provide services in these programming languages; mvc5, php, C#, Java, JavaScript, Laravel, Codeignitor, AWS, Node.Js, Angular.js, SQL, MySQL, MSSQL, and many others. We can also provide over 100 coins in a single platform.

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