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What Should You Look at While Reviewing Blockchain Developer Skills?

blockchain developer skills

Are you looking to hire someone with the right blockchain developer skills? Is it a single person you require or a team of specialists to onboard for an on-going project?  Either way, when you start looking, you’ll soon find out that to get the right talent, you have to filter your candidates using the right questions.  

Where to find a good company with blockchain developer skills?

Blockchain is still in a relative infant stage, and a regular job portal or LinkedIn just won’t cut it sometimes. If you’ve got the requirements noted down, the best place to frequent them will be Reddit and Glitter. There’s another place that you might want to visit: startup days, hackathons (online and offline).  

What if I am looking for a full-stack blockchain company instead of individual developers?  

hire blockchain developersIf you’re a large-scale company looking for an enterprise with a team of blockchain developers to build a blockchain-based solution, there are things you need to consider first before undertaking such an undertaking.  

We’ve compiled a list of questions-to-be-asked to these enterprises when starting out on such a venture: 

blockchain developer skills


  1. How long have they been in business and how they are incorporating blockchain developer skills? 

When you’re looking for a technology partner at this scale, it is prudent to look at the accumulated years of experience the company has while building digital platforms. The amount of time they have been in the competitive market (domain registration date, company founding date et cetera) are things to be looked at.  

And while you’re at it, this might be a good time to request industry awards, achievements, and milestones they’ve reached while being in business. Bonus: If they’ve got patents or licensed products launched in the market.  

  1. Who have they worked with? 

A tech enterprise’s portfolio speaks a story in itself. A large and healthy portfolio indicates that the company has done a great deal of work before engaging with you, their clients were noteworthy and the company has built products that are life in the industry.  

Ideally, your tech partner should be involved in projects that have gone from ideation to implementation and then maintenance. This will indicate that the company has done a good job while creating the products too.  

Inquire if a Fortune 500 company has featured in their portfolio and to what extent their engagement was with the company. You can make a swift decision if this part holds true.  

  1. What is team composition?

A company’s size is an indicator of how well the company is doing. And it’s capacity to complete projects simultaneously within the given timeframe. Ask them their strengths and the domains they work the most in.  

While every company may have some expertise, their ability to adapt to a tech stack of your liking may be limited.  

Be sure to ask them where their team is located and what is the modus operandi for communication while being across different time zones. The ability to adapt to your time zone is a crucial part of the process.  

And if the devs are not available in the same time zone, what will be the communication process and contact points?  

Know the leaders, project managers, and individual developers that will be handling the project. This way you will know if they have sufficient technical experience or not.  

You can do this by checking professional networks such as LinkedIn or reading customer reviews/experiences about the devs to spot talent.  

  1. Ask about how they work  

There are many ways to go about your job. Your selection of the development process indicates how you approach it. Since there are a number of options on the table, you need to zone in on the development process that the development team is going to follow.  

Terms to look out for are: agile, scrum, extreme programming. If a company talks about techniques such as the one mentioned, you’re likely dealing with a company that is innovative in design and implementation.   

  1. What tools do they deploy to keep track of projects? 

It just isn’t how you work. It’s the tools of the trade that mark up the success of a project. You should know about the tools your tech partner should be deployed to manage its client’s portfolios. There are plenty of tools that facilitate project management.  

Companies of good repute deploy enterprise-grade tools like:  

  • Confluence  
  • JIRA  
  • Slack  
  • Hubstaff  
  • Trello  
  • And many others  

These tools are crucial when justifying man-hours and where the project currently stands on its commitments. 

blockchain development team

  1. Blockchain Developer skills – Is the team of devs in-house or have they outsourced it? 

Some software development companies outsource their work off-shore in a bid to lower prices. If outsourcing spans the entire development process, there are always possibilities of quality management concerns.

  1. Can they build a blockchain-based solution or not? 

Your tech partner needs to have experience in the tech stacks you’re looking to build a platform on. Many of the companies have started working on the blockchain a while ago but the company needs to have something solid on their portfolio before you sign them on.  

For example: Has the company worked on a public blockchain or a permissioned blockchain? A sign of a seasoned development team is their portfolio.  

  1. Does the company provide end-to-end service? 

It is important to recognize if the company provides end-to-end service. This means that the whole process from consultation to product design, development, deployment, and support is offered through a single company. You should always go for the best company for your money.  

So before you make the decision of hiring a resource, make sure their blockchain developer skills are on the mark. Become well versed in market trends, and ask the questions posed above to sift through the crowd. They’ll help you in making the right decision.  

Still, want to know more? VAIVAL Technologies has in-house blockchain developers that are more than capable of building blockchain-based applications. And if it’s a blockchain development company you’re looking for, reach out to us here, to talk to our experts.  

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