About KoinKoin

KoinKoin is a MENA-focused and blockchain-driven digital asset exchange & e-wallet platform. 

VAIVAL help build KoinKoin a blockchain-based trading platform, catering to customers which demanded real-time trade executions, robust e-wallets, and security they could rely on. 

Our client KoinKoin wanted to bolster small businesses and empower individuals using blockchain technology. And that’s where VAIVAL came into play. 

We developed KoinKoin — SocialCommerce, a smartphone app that allows wholesalers, retailers and buyers exchange goods and services by leveraging their existing social media connections across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. 

Client Site: https://koinkoin.io/

In addition, the app prices all goods in Ethereum allowing everyone accesses to a very large market base without the limitations of foreign exchange. Put simply KoinKoin Social Commerce connects buyers and sellers faster than any other platform! 

Here’s what KoinKoin have to say for their product: 

We provide secure, lightning-fast and seamless service at a very low cost to individuals and small businesses across Africa who wish to benefit from the expediency of our cryptocurrency exchange services. Our easy-to-use e-wallet services allow you to convert and send your local currency into cryptocurrency which is accepted in many regions all over the world as a form of payment for your goods and services or for goods and services you wish to purchase from anywhere in the world where BTC and other cryptocurrencies are accepted. The KoinKoin platform provides exchange and execution services for an array of African Fiat including ZAR, NGN, GHS, UGX and KES as well as South-East Asian Fiat including VND, MYR, IDR and THB and of course our virtual currencies to BTC (BitCoin), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (LiteCoin) & XRP (Ripple) with fast deposits and withdrawals.


  • MVP launched in 2020 
  • iOS & Android versions successfully launched after beta testing 
  • KoinKoin Ltd preliminarily registered under the FCA’s Money Laundering Regulations (MLRs) to proceed with the activities of crypto asset exchange and custodian wallet provider. 
  • KoinKoin launches Digital Assets Exchange Services in Nigeria 
  • KoinKoin achieves full integration with Paystack (now possible to transfer funds using VISA/MasterCard