The client

Crytopdezire – An all-in-one solution for cryptocurrency


Moonix wanted a system which would allow them to create their own cryptocurrency exchange, list their unique tokens and generate maximum revenue within a centralized operational community

Already established in the Asian cryptocurrency market, Moonix had plans to improve their interface to make it faster and more stable to create a seamless CX.


Vaival built the entire exchange from scratch based on the requirements of the client.

Vaival introduced Moonix to a custom created Blockchain system for crypto exchange and demonstrated the differences compared with a standard crypto exchange system. Vaival offered UI and UX design services to create a bespoke solution to Moonx which includes an internal order book and pairing exchange compatible with a multitude of cryptocurrency pairs.

The Moonix Blockchain system is database centralized and DB driven. Transfer data is stored in the client database with all transactions on the live network.


Vaival’s unique solution turned out to be exactly what Moonix had been seeking for a long time but had been unable to source. Previous we app developers had struggled to create something that ticked all the boxes. Vaival’s solution was so popular that Moonix asked them to join as a Tech and Solution Partner.

The app designed by Vaival not only works as a normal exchange, it also includes added functions to entertain a greater volume of brokers. This has allowed them to exceed their ambitious growth plans, with further expansion to come aided by collaboration with Vaival.

Key features include: