A Blockchain Platform to Create Cryptocurrency Exchange & List Tokens
Industry: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
Solution: Blockchain


Moonix is a system that facilitates the creation of a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange. It enables users to list unique tokens and maximize their revenue within a centralized operational community.


The client required a platform that would enable them to create their own cryptocurrency exchange, help them in listing unique tokens and eventually generate maximum revenue. Additionally, they wanted to improve their user interface to make the platform faster and more stable to offer a seamless customer experience to their users.


We developed and implemented a custom cryptocurrency exchange that incorporates a unique Blockchain system. Key features include:


We built the entire exchange from scratch that not only works as a normal exchange, but includes added functions to entertain a greater volume of brokers.

With our UI and UX design services we enhanced the user experience and created a bespoke solution that includes an internal order book and pairing exchange compatible with a multitude of cryptocurrency pairs.

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