XRP owner had an idea for an XRP party game which allows users to deposit when they lay. Every time they play, users get the chance to win cryptocurrency, gain bonuses and receive credits. The aim was to create a brand new game which allows investors to combine online gaming with earning money in real time. The client wanted the app to be simple to use so that users would enjoy using and storing their cryptocurrency on it


Vaival undertook a thorough evaluation of what was required and devised custom software which addressed each of the pain points faced by intended users. The entire game interface and technical were designed and built from scratch and digital wallets were created for investors to safely deposit and withdraw funds

VAIVAL were asked to create a decentralized app on the Ripple Blockchain, which is considered a centralized Blockchain. Furthermore, it was to be completed in a short time span and on a limited budget.


VAIVAL created the app in record time and included technology that will allow the game to be scaled up as it becomes popular and growth is possible. They developed API, wallets, a transfer function and UI design features which can be integrated with Ripple.