Client identified a common problem for Amazon sellers and e-commerce businesses in general – managing the various aspects of their business such as marketing, tracking jobs, finding new products etc was too complicated. They found the process ‘frustrating and stodgy’ and were spending far too much time doing admin rather than focusing on strategy and sales which was their core business. They were considering hiring a new member of staff do deal with the admin. But that would have meant increasing their overheads.

Then they came up with a better idea. An all-in-one piece of software that does the job for them. Rather than buying multiple tools which made managing their business costly and time-consuming they wanted one single suite of tools based on simplicity and functionality.


Vaival were drafted in to create custom software which was more or less the same as Helium 10. Blackbird Suite was to be cloud based. Keen to meet every client need, Vaival took an agile approach to the project. The challenge was to design and create a suite that was powerful enough to do the job but simple enough for users that it actually saved them time and boosted sales.


Blackbird Suite is now counted among the top performing tools for managing an Amazon selling business. There are over 4000 users and in just one year Blackbird Suite has been used to close $400,000 worth of sales. Having all the features in one place has allowed e-commerce business owners to manage their accounts more efficiently and to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their sales process and their products quickly and easily.

Tools include: