Blackbird Suite

A Complete Software Suite Empowering eCommerce Businesses to Enhance Sales, Visibility, & Profitability
Industry: Ecommerce
Solution: Custom Software Development


Blackbird Suite is an all-in-one software solution to manage products, sales and marketing and admin operations. It enables users to keep their product inventory up-to-date, maintain optimal visibility with marketing tools, and manage sales efficiently. 


The client required a platform that would enable them to create their own cryptocurrency exchange, help them in listing unique tokens and eventually generate maximum revenue. Additionally, they wanted to improve their user interface to make the platform faster and more stable to offer a seamless customer experience to their users.


The custom eCommerce solutions allows Amazon sellers and eCommerce businesses to manage their accounts efficiently and analyze the effectiveness of their sale process and products with ease. Key takeaways include:


We built a platform that is an all-inclusive solution to help Amazon sellers manage all eCommerce operations for Amazon along with marketing tasks to increase product visibility and sales tasks to drive profits.

Blackbird Suite offers a range of features, including profit dashboard, product research, tracking, and analytics, email alerts, marketing Automation, and much more.

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