Cartzy is a SaaS-based E-commerce solution, offering a seamless platform similar to Shopify, empowering businesses to thrive online.


The client’s requirement was to build a SAAS-based website where he can sell different products in different regions. He wanted to bring a drop-shipping concept through the import of the products in Cartzy. And then he can manage the inventory of the products. 

Cartzy to have a solid payment method integrated on the checkout. Other users can create an account and use Cartzy to sell different products and can easily manage the store admin and proceed with the customer’s orders.


The solution addressed for Cartzy was an e-commerce-based optimal concept. We provided a solution in which users can create a store and pay for the subscription then can easily perform store activities like adding products, maintaining them, and selling them in different locations. Users can also import different products from eBay, Walmart, and profit-spy. Users can sell in and through different locations and shipping zones and can also manage legal taxes. Users can perform CRUD on theme pages, adding domains and logos.

We provided a comprehensive settings module to manage the store settings. Users can also integrate with different payment methods. Configuring content delivery networks (CDNs) on the checkout for faster content delivery. Assisting clients in migrating their existing e-commerce platforms to Cartzy like their products, orders, and product management. Ensuring a smooth transition of product data, customer information, and order history.

Technology Stacks

PHP, CI, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, HTML, CSS Bootstrap


The successful implementation of a Cartzy project results in a positive return on investment for the client. Increased sales, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction contribute to a favorable financial outcome. The client’s requirement was fulfilled by having a visually appealing online store that aligns with their brand identity. The store reflects the client’s unique style, products, and value proposition. A well-designed and user-friendly interface enhances the overall shopping experience for customers, which increased sales and revenue for the client’s business. Improved user experience, streamlined checkout process, and optimized product pages can contribute to higher conversion rates. Integration with marketing tools that attract more organic traffic and potential customers. 

The client gains a robust product management system to easily add, edit, and organize their product catalog. Order management features enable streamlined order processing, fulfillment, and shipment tracking. Automation of tasks, such as inventory management or order notifications, improves operational efficiency. Cartzy provides a scalable platform that can accommodate the client’s business growth. Customized solutions and integrations allow for flexibility and adaptability to changing business needs. The client can easily expand their product offerings, customer base, or sales channels with the support of the Cartzy ecosystem.