An All-in-one App For Shopify Store Owners To List Products & Manage Inventory With Ease
Industry: Ecommerce
Solution: Blockchain


Kibocode’s eCommerce solution is an all-in-one platform designed for Shopify owners. Its user-friendly interface empowers store owners to effortlessly list products, manage inventory, and handle customer orders with ease.


The client’s requirement was to develop an all-encompassing, highly intuitive platform that would provide Shopify store owners with an easy and time-efficient method to list, publish, and manage the sale of their products online. They sought an app that is user-friendly and feature-rich, enabling store owners to effectively manage their inventory and customer orders.


The custom eCommerce solution offers an easy and time-saving method to list products, manage inventory, and customer orders to Shopify owners. Key takeaways include:


Our Kibocode eCommerce solution for Shopify owners has become the preferred choice for over 6000 users, and this number continues to grow daily. The platform’s Product Analyzer feature carefully analyzes and suggests profitable products for users. 

It monitors the top 50 trending products, eliminating the need for users to analyze markets themselves. Additionally, the platform organizes products into categories, simplifying the search process and making it easy for users to add products to their stores.

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