Kibocode team identified a problem facing e—commerce business owner, particularly those on Shopify, who were internet savvy but not technically minded. Many of these entrepreneurs were wasting too much time using a variety of tools to try to manage their Shopify stores. Yet they were still struggling to get the most out of their stores because there were add-ons and functions that they just didn’t understand.

Kibocode’s solution was an all-in-one app for Shopify store owners. They wanted an app that was simple to use but super powerful to help reduce the time it takes to list products and then to manage inventory and orders.


Using an agile development process, Vaival took the app from concept to production in just 4 months. Beginning with the design and front-end, once Kibocod were happy that it met their requirements for style, simplicity and functionality, Vaival moved on to create store connectivity. In month 2, the file upload process was completed and the admin section designed. Month 3 saw the products added before the custom developed software was tested and debugged ready for launch.


Kibocode is now the number one choice for over 6000 users, with number increasing daily. The app has 3 main functions: