A Platform That Empowers Businesses To Engage in Dropshipping With eBay & Walmart
Industry: Ecommerce
Solution: Custom Software Development


Profit Spy is an add-on, which enables businesses to carry out dropshipping with eBay and Walmart. Additionally, Profit Spy is compatible with Cartzy, a SaaS-based eCommerce platform that enables brands to market and sell products online


The client required a tool that facilitates dropshipping from eBay and Walmart. They wanted the capability for customers to search products based on categories, reviews, and ratings in Profit Spy, and then import and publish selected products from Profit Spy to their Cartzy store. Additionally, they wanted the tool to sync product prices with eBay and Walmart and send notifications to customers for stock and cost change.


The custom eCommerce tool syncs and maintains up-to-date product data with eBay and Walmart, allowing users to easily import and publish their products in their stores. Key takeaways include:


We developed a solution enabling users to effortlessly import and publish dropshipping products from Profit Spy to their Cartzy stores. Users receive an order list whenever customers place an order in their stores. 

Additionally, the tool sends notifications to users from their store admin when there is an increase or decrease in product cost and stock count on the product marketplace, whether it’s eBay or Walmart.

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