Carecart team identified a problem for e-commerce brands who were advertising on Facebook and other direct response marketing platforms. Businesses were paying for ads which piqued the interest of buyers, and yet 50% of potential customers were adding items to their basket and then abandoning it at the checkout. This was incredibly frustrating as brands were left knowing they had begun a sales funnel but with no way of completing it and turning those interested browsers into paying customers.

The solution? An abandoned cart recovery email sequence. This app captures client details and automatically follows up their interest to attract them back, boost conversions and increase profits.


Vaival needed to create APIs which could be integrated with a Laravel framework, implement multi-browser compatibility and ensure there was a light version of the app (free version) and an advanced version full of amazing functions.


Within six weeks Vaival had produced the minimal viable product. And just 26 weeks later it was complete. Carecart is now a sizzling app with a vast array of powerful features which make e-shopping fast, fun and fulfilling.

Carecart is now the cart abandonment app of choice for over 52,000 Shopify users who are driving up sales and boosting profits with this simple to use, automated app.